Gareth Roriston and local leader Guyo Badiva have teamed up to produce the documentary, The Last Dance, on the Watha tribe, a surviving community preserving the ancient Watha culture. With funding and advisory support from GRACE Cares, Guyo Badiva has incorporated the Watha Community Benefit Organization so that all documentary production benefits the Watha Tribe.

Traditionally hunter-gatherers are seldom documented,. Gareth Roriston, a former Conservation Manager, will present on the Watha community of Galana, Kenya — their history, traditional culture, survival techniques, and current issues faced by the community as they homogenize into modern Kenyan society, at the potential expense of losing their history and cultural identity. In particular, the Watha’s long history of elephant hunting as a way of life, in the face of the well-known crisis facing African Elephants today. The Watha are now a disenfranchised people.

The purpose of the documentary is to inform and develop an interest in this essentially unknown or highly misunderstood culture. These days the misinformation and mystery aren’t limited to the outside world, but also the youth of this small tribe as they fall out of touch with their roots and heritage as a result of changing lifestyles and poverty. Proceeds from The Last Dance will be used to address maintaining the Watha’s sustainable traditional life and to address their health and education needs as they adapt to modern life.

Donating to the Watha Project will support filming of The Last Dance and the development of the Watha Community Benefit Organization!