GRACE Cares supports several projects each year. Some projects are finite with a specific budget and time commitment, while others are ongoing efforts which require regular funding and leadership. Every project offers different opportunities to volunteer, assist and learn, and each project has different needs for funding, donations, and expertise. To find out more about our projects select from the menu above or click on a link below.

GRACE Cares supports two ongoing projects in different parts of India. The Lucknow Project provides salaries for full time teachers serving more than 1000 students and three different schools in rural India. The TROLL Trust is an ongoing effort to meet the educational, nutritional, hygiene, and housing needs of children in southeast India. GRACE Cares works with with Hearts DR an NGO in the Dominican Republic to work with the people in Baitoa and La Lomita on economic development, school improvement, and health initiatives. We fund a study and health education program involving Mayan Traditional Medicine in Guatemala. With GRACE Cares support, the Watha Project documents and empowers the ancient Watha community and culture in Kenya. Our B4Peace Project promotes discussion on peace and human rights through art in the US and around the world.

Opportunities for GRACE Cares to get involved in a community development project come from a wide variety of sources. To learn more about what we look for when choosing our next project review our Mission Statement and Our Model, or learn about Project Submission.

91 cents of every $1 donation goes directly to programs:

  • $50 can educate a child for 3 months
  • $100 can support health education for a whole community for 1 month
  • $250 can provide water filters for 10 families
  • $500 can save trees by supporting efficient stoves for 10 families