B4 Peace uses art at the community level to engage communities in their own peacebuilding process. B4 Peace facilitates this exploration through art installations, performances and peace-art workshops. In each project, B4 Peace utilizes multiple types of presentations to appeal to different people and their unique preferences.

Genuine engagement is a key ingredient in B4 Peace projects and is necessary to accomplish the healing and transformative process of peace art.  B4 Peace believes in a fully interactive art experience for all who participate.

The model that B4 Peace follows is straightforward and profound:

art + participation + discussion = transformation of hearts and minds.

An important aspect of B4 Peace project is the involvement of volunteers and community partners. Previous volunteers on projects have been ex-military, healthcare professionals and even former NASA engineers. Engagement of volunteers is imperative to fully include the community in which B4 Peace projects are taking place. Volunteers bring their own valuable perspective and unique creativity that adds to the richness of the peace art.

Donations to B4 Peace help the growth of peace art and social justice activism!

Visit the B4 Peace Website to learn about past and future projects!