Kali to Kali

Our Current Project in Rwanda

We had the opportunity to travel to Kigali, Rwanda this past August, where we were able to see the construction of the water wells and vegetation gardens that we funded. During our time in Rwanda, we met the villagers and students of the areas where the wells and gardens were either completed or still in the process of being built. The villagers we visited live in impoverished areas; with the closest water collection between 5 and10 miles away. With the majority of the water collectors being children, many sacrifice their education to gather water for their families, as well as being responsible for collecting food or begging in the streets for money.

During March of 2016, we contacted Don Majoro, who is with an NGO from Rwanda. He introduced us to the situations occurring in some districts of Rwanda that needed attention. After weeks of discussions, we laid out a plan and initiated the Imam Hussain Water Foundation. This project is designed to provide clean water and attempt to address the malnutrition issues that plague many villages in Rwanda. The goal of this project is to build numerous gardens to provide food for the locals and construct 4 water wells to provide local water to the people. We are hoping this can give the children the opportunity to go to school more frequently. We also provided health insurance for 50 villagers in one district as well as materials for their pottery to sustain them for half a year in an effort to provide revenue to the village.

With your help, the team plans to continue helping with water for the gardens in 2017.

Past Successes


Throughout the villages of Pakistan thousands of children lack a decent education due to the deterioration of the buildings used for schools as well as the lack of adequate educational supplies.  The Kali to Kali Project has been founded by Hason Khan (Director) and Erick Flores (co- Director) to help support children in villages across Pakistan.  English, math, science and basic preventative health care practices will be taught.  The Kali to Kali Project will begin in the summer of 2015, in the Sheikh Multan village.


Children share an unstable table that is falling apart. The wall behind them is covered with mold and the floor is dirt.

There are three key aspects to the Kali to Kali Project – education, healthcare and mentorship. These aspects are imperative if we wish to alter the continuous lifestyle of poverty, illiteracy and disease that has afflicted thousands of children across Pakistan.

Our Mission and What We Will Do: We will improve the quality of life for rural Pakistani children by stressing the importance of education, providing access to information about good health care practices and mentoring. We will create an environment in which children can thrive and improve the curriculum. Parents as well as community leaders will be taught the importance of basic health care practices and clinics will be conducted to screen children. Children will be mentored through simple conversations so they understand the necessity of education in achieving personal goals.


In the summer of 2015, we will travel to Sheikh Multan, a village located in Mardan. Throughout Mardan numerous schools have depleted supplies and deteriorating educational facilities. We will be working at the Services School for three weeks to offer a summer camp and help to improve it.

  1. We will provide a two-week summer camp where we will teach math, English and science to children aged 4-16. Of course will ensure that the children have fun by providing challenging activities and teamwork building exercises.
  2. We will work with the school administration as well. We will deliver basic supplies such as colored pencils, paper, books, and focus on ways to improve the curriculum. We will work on the playground to make it usable and safe, purchase soccer balls and add new swing sets. A new water fountain will be purchased to ensure the children drink clean and safe water. Finally, we plan to add a generator to ensure proper electricity and an air conditioning system.

Target Community: We will be helping students from ages 4 to 16 in the villages of Mardan. The initial phase will only affect one school; however, in the near future we plan to help more schools and create a lasting impact by improving the educational system and facilities as well as healthcare.

How can you help:  The Kali to Kali Project continues to need donations for its success. Donations will directly help the students, the school infrastructure, improve educational facilities and aid in the purchase of educational supplies:

  • $50 will enable us to provide a 2 week summer camp for 1 student
  • $150 to buy supplies to paint the school
  • $200 dollars will provide hundreds of basic school supplies such as pens, coloring utensils, and notebooks
  • $500 for cleaning and repair of the school
  • $1,000 to help build and repair the playground by repairing the swing-set, seeding the ground for grass to grow, adding goal posts for soccer and purchasing new equipment


Funds:  Tax deductible donations can be made via the donate button below using paypal or credit cards via a secure link.

Or, if you prefer, checks to GRACE Cares can be sent to:

773 Guilford St
Brattleboro, VT 05301
t. 802-258-1855

Supply Donations and Volunteers:  Tangible donations are also needed: school supplies, books, computers, and toys, basic medical supplies, Band-Aids, ice packs, basic household medicines and personal hygiene products. Volunteers here in the states and to go to Pakistan are needed. Please contact Hason Khan concerning possible supply donations and Volunteering:



Hason Khan (project director) is currently a second year at MCPHS University in the pre-medical/physician assistant studies program. Throughout high school as well as college Hason has partaken in numerous events and programs that allowed him the opportunity to do community service and give back to others. Hason has currently been a cadet for over 3 years in the Civil Air Patrol (United States Air Force Auxiliary) cadet program, volunteers at Revere Winthrop Pediatrics, and has volunteered previously at numerous hospitals including Brigham and Women’s hospital and Massachusetts Hospital School. Erick Flores (co-director) has done numerous community service events throughout his career. Also a second year in the pharmaceutical sciences program at MCPHS University, Erick has participated in Christmas events to help the community, and has participated in cleaning up his city through community. Erick has also volunteer experience teaching young children and tutoring, and currently works at CVS at a pharmacy technician.

In 2008, after visiting his family’s city of Mardan where his parents and grandparents where raised, Hason realized how much of the country was actually impoverished, lacked education, and were denied basic health care. In 2012, he returned to the country with numerous books and school supplies, and had saved up money to donate towards children in the region. However, after being in the region for only two days, he had run out of supplies completely, he simply couldn’t meet the need. After returning to the United States, he realized how much children younger than him lacked and how much they actually needed, and founded the Kali to Kali Project with the help of Erick.