fundraising1We receive funding from individual and corporate donors, community and school group fundraisers, grants, and corporate giving programs. All of our projects require money and volunteers. We also receive donations of certain items which are often collected through drives. Some needed items can be donated and shipped but often times shipping is too difficult or expensive. Below is a list of some of our specific project needs.

To learn more about organizing a fundraiser please contact us at or call 802-254-8084. It is important to contact us before starting a fundraiser to ensure compliance with our Solicitation Policy.

91 cents of every $1 donation goes directly to programs:

  • $50 can educate a child for 3 months
  • $100 can support health education for a whole community for 1 month
  • $250 can provide water filters for 10 families
  • $500 can save trees by supporting efficient stoves for 10 families

Items to Donate from the US:

  • Shoes in good condition, 200 pairs can be shipped for about $350 (DR)
  • School supplies pens, pencils, art materials, acrylics, backpacks (DR)
  • Medical supplies, medication (Lucknow, DR)
  • Dental X-Ray machine, shipping can be arranged (DR)
  • Cordless drills, hand tools for woodworking shop (DR)
  • Laptop computers (TROLL Trust, DR)
  • Small copy machine, all-in-one scanner/printers (DR)


Some Fundraising Targets:

  • $50 Breakfast for children in La Lomita(DR)
  • $100 efficient stove for a needy family (DR)
  • $200 Materials for Health Seminar (Appleseed)
  • $400 to $700 builds walls to enclose high school classrooms, three need wall (DR)
  • $500 Computer for Schools (Lucknow, TROLL Trust)
  • $550 Airfare for a Volunteer or Project Intern (DR)
  • $1500 Airfare for a Volunteer or Project Intern (India)
  • $2500 builds a house for a needy family (DR)