Community Groups

communitygroups1We have had great success partnering on fundraisers and awareness events with various types of school, community, and religous organizations. We have had fundraisers and collection drives run by elementary school classes, groups of friends, school clubs, fraternities, and families. They have collected at various times shoes, art supplies, school supplies, clothing, tools, and donations.

91 cents of every $1 donation goes directly to programs:

  • $50 can educate a child for 3 months
  • $100 can support health education for a whole community for 1 month
  • $250 can provide water filters for 10 families
  • $500 can save trees by supporting efficient stoves for 10 families

Groups have done traditional collections, sold concessions at events, held bake sales, and run carnival games on campus. We have also seen great success and good times from cocktail parties, dinner parties, and themed or holiday gatherings.

More ambitious groups have organized Volunteer Trips which are a great opportunity for the whole organization, not just the members who actually travel to the project site.

We ask that groups Contact Us before planning a fundraiser or other event benefiting or in the name of GRACE Cares. We can also help with ideas!