Building a Peaceable Community

January 13, 2018- February 4, 2018. 

Join B4 Peace for this three-week three-part event at the New Orleans Art Center

For further details on the various events please follow the links below.



Gustavo Duque– Guest Curator

Gustavo Duque is an accomplished, award-winning artist with works in public and private collections in Europe, Latin America, and the US. His work on large canvases is described as “magnetic” and his social commitment is clearly demonstrated in his Artist’s Rage series which he created “to express a reality and a wish to create hope for us so we can live without violence and in peace.”


T-Rock Moore– Guest Curator

Ti-Rock Moore is a New Orleans based artist who is known across the nation for her provocative and controversial art work that focuses on issues of institutionalized and structural racism. Ti-Rock’s work has been displayed across New Orleans, in Chicago, New York and Houston. She is represented by Jonathan Ferrara Gallery in New Orleans, Louisiana. Ti-Rock has been characterized as a protest artist and states that My work is intended to disrupt widely held beliefs that are toxic and in my case I hope to do that by challenging destructive racist beliefs.”

Christina Juran

Christine Juran is a New Orleans based artists and the Art Director at the New Orleans Art Center. Christina’s paintings are inspired by nature, shapes and the figure. Christina has curated over 10 exhibitions in the past 2.5 years featuring a wide range of art by New Orleans artists and the greater community, in varying stages of their careers.


Namaya is a Poet/ Multimedia artist who with his team creates public art projects that focus on the theme of Peace and Social Justice. Namaya Productions art has been exhibited at Peace and Human Rights Centers around the world. Co-Founder, B4 Peace Arts.

Zoe Kopp, PhD

Zoe Kopp, PhD is a co-founder of B4 Peace which “uses the beauty, vitality and healing power of art to engage people to reflect on peace, human rights,  and social justice.” She has designed and coordinated interactive peace art events in New York, Vermont, and Latin America. Zoe is an integral part of the B4 Peace management and projects.

Building a Peaceable Community

An Open Call for Art Entries

Sponsored by B4 Peace Art

 Hosted at The New Orleans Art Center

January 13 -February 4, 2018

SHOWN THROUGH * Art – all media & performance art (via video)

Exhibition of selected works will be featured in a premier art gallery in the heart of New Orleans. New Orleans Art Center is a satellite gallery of Prospect 4 citywide triennial of contemporary art.

Three cash prizes will be awarded:

$1,000 Curator’s Choice Award—$500 Curator’s Choice Award—$150 People’s Choice Award



What does a peaceable community mean to you as an artist? How does finding individual peace build community peace? How can your art represent and promote peace wherever you call home?

Entry Procedure

  All images must be smaller than 1 MB.

Entry Fee: $35.00 for up to 3 images and $10 for each additional submission up to 5 total.

Entries to Building a Peaceable Community submitted here


Deadline for Submission: September 21, 2017

Announcement of Acceptance: November 15, 2017

Confirmation of Acceptance: November 20, 2017

Art received by New Orleans Art Center: Jan 1-5, 2018

“In-person” drop off date: Friday, Jan. 5 10am-12pm,

Saturday, Jan. 6 8am-10am

Exhibition Dates: Jan. 13 – Feb. 4, 2018

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 13, 2018, 6pm-10pm

Pornography of War

B4 Peace founder and director Namaya will display his multimedia interactive exhibit Pornography of War at the New Orleans Art Center, January 14, 2018- February 4, 2018. The various pieces that make up the exhibit have been displayed across the US and around the world. Namaya asks throughout the exhibit; “What is more pornographic? A couple making love or war?” To learn more about Namaya’s art and performance visit Namaya Productions

Youth Art Open Invitational

The youth of New Orleans are invited to submit their art for consideration for display in the New Orleans Building a Peaceable Community show at New Orleans Art Center.

January 14, 2018- February 4, 2018

What does a peaceable community mean to you in your neighborhood in New Orleans? How does finding individual peace build community peace? How can your art represent and promote peace, here in the city of New Orleans?

Awards to juror selected works for performance art and studio art categories

Vision of the Future $200 — High Artistic Endeavour $150 — People’s Choice Award $50

Art must be submitted ready to hang with wire, no sawtooth hangers. Art can be shipped to gallery or dropped off during the dates in the timeline below. Artists are responsible for all shipping costs and insurance. B4 Peace and New Orleans Art Center accept no liability for artwork, insurance is the sole responsibility of the artist. By submitting artwork artist, if minor guardians or parents are agreeing to photographs and name published throughout the event. 


Call for Art Opens: September 1, 2017

Deadline for Submission: October 15, 2017

Announcement of Acceptance: December 1, 2017

Art received by New Orleans Art Center: Jan 1-5, 2018

“In-person” drop off date: Friday, Jan. 5 10am-12pm,

Saturday, Jan. 6 8am-10am

Exhibition DatesJan. 13 – Feb. 4, 2018

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 13, 2018, 6pm-10pm

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